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BRS's eye flame as seen in the Opening of the Anime

Eye flames are flames that spawn either from the left or right eye of some characters from the B★RS universe. The functions and effects of these flames are still relatively unknown, however it can be inferred that they provide their user with enhanced combat abilities.

The flames seem to be generated by the will of the user alone; however, Insane Black★Rock Shooter's purple eye flame is seemingly constantly active. The color of the eye flame also varies from user to user depending on their eye color. For example, Black★Rock Shooter, who has blue eyes, has a blue flame, and Insane Black★Rock Shooter, who has purple eyes, has a purple flame.

In Black★Rock Shooter ~Innocent Soul~, the Black Stars are all shown having the ability to use eye flames. Many or all of the Black Stars, including Dead and Ram, spawn their flames from their right eyes. Rock and an unnamed Black Star who only appears in one page of the penultimate chapter are possibly the only few who spawn flames from their left eyes.

In Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME Manga everytime Stella uses 'Aggressor mode' a blue flame will blaze from her left eye this enhances her fighting ability. Within The Game itself, she gains her eye flame upon the activation of a collection of skills.

Notable users[]


  • Although Black★Gold Saw was featured with red eye flames in her initial design, these were removed from later illustrations for an unknown reason and subsequently do not appear again.
  • Although huke has designed various characters possessing eye flames, the only character that uses them in various media is Black★Rock Shooter.