You've got the nerve to stay here. Let's see how far your courage will take you!

Farside Bunny (ファーサイド・バニィ, Faasaido Banii) is a character exclusive to the Android game Black★Rock Shooter Arcana, designed by Taiki. She is an inhabitant of the Arcana World as an Artifact, and has the theme of Major Arcana XVIII, "The Moon".


Type: Long-ranged type

Special Skill: Poker and Blackjack

Likes: Gambling

Dislikes: Indecisiveness

Farside Bunny is one noted person who was infuriated when Black Rock Shooter abandoned her role as a star-reader, and ends up doing the job Black Rock Shooter left behind. Although she is the type of person who puts up a tough front, she can be naive sometimes. She is known as a master in performing actions in secret, but the outcome doesn't always sway in her favor. Farside Bunny regards herself as a "rare" risk taker, and always takes the opportunity to test her luck. Despite this interest of Farside Bunny for gambling, her bad streaks of luck sometimes drags her close to fatal consequences.