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Frank Marion (フランク・マリオン, Furanku Marion) is a supporting character in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME. He does not appear in the manga adaptation.


Marion is an aging man with an appearance that can best be described as "tough". He has white hair which is partially covered by a black beret and a communication headset. He also has a white "mutton chop" mustache and a scar over his left eye. He wears the standard UEF body armor, albeit without the shoulder areas which expose a pair of tattoos.These tattoos take the form of several black stars and overlapping lines.


Game Version[]

Marion was born in July 6, 1997.[1] He was a once member of the Noah Project in his early days, and in one particular incident he assisted the retrieval of DNA sample from the last living polar bear in order to digitalise its data. His team tranquilized the bear and moved it to a specially-designed vehicle, but Marion made the mistake of using a wrong dosage, causing the bear to wake up just before they finish collecting its data,[2] and Marion had to kill it himself.[3]

He later served as an officer for the United Nations peacekeeping force when a war broke out in South Asia. In January 2033, approximately two months after the initial alien invasion, Marion quit army to join D'dario Next as a freelance officer because he saw a poster of Sing Love and became attracted to her, believing that he might meet her if he were to work for them.[1][3]

With the United Nations' armed forces reformed as the UEF, Marion began fighting the aliens as a contracted D'dario Nex commanding officer under the UEF in February 2033.[1] Eventually he also became part of the UEF's Primary Support Service that would support Stella, an artificially enhanced clone secretly developed by Weiler Gibson as humanity's last hope, when she would wake up combat ready in 2054. However, the war against the aliens along with the future of humanity had become so desperate by September 2051, that the UEF decided to awaken Stella three years earlier than scheduled.[4]

It took five days for the PSS to travel from Moscow to Stella's capsule in San Francisco. By then the PSS was reduced from just under one thousand strong down to a dozen men. As his men tried to wake her up, Marion contacted the UEF headquarters in Moscow and updated them on the situation, but he learned that Moscow was destroyed and the PSS became the last humans on Earth. Nevertheless he did not lose hope and rallied his men.[4]

Marion spoke little to Stella when they first met, believing that she had low memory capacity like her predecessor clones.[5] He then devised a plan to retrieve the Brunhild and the Draco in New Jersey with Stella diverting the enemy's attention in New York.[6]

Marion boarded the Draco and took command from there. The aircraft soon received a SOS signal of a woman that originated in Moscow, whose sender was thought would to be the last surviving woman on Earth other than Stella, hence the Marion decided to travel there to find and save her. However, the aircraft was under attack by Armaments when they reached Moscow.[7] Realizing that the Draco might not make it, he asked Stella to take care of Rothcall and the last surviving woman before the aircraft crashed.[2]

When Stella found the dying Marion, he told her of the remainder of the polar bear story. He feared that the aliens had taken away all data of Noah Project and asked Stella to retrieve it for the planet's sake. Knowing that Stella was a clone of Sing Love, he felt that meeting Stella in his final moment wasn't so bad, as it was akin to meeting Sing Love in person.[3]

Alternate Game Version[]

In an alternate story route, a dying Frank noticed the polar bear stuffed toy that Stella was holding in her hand, which he recognized as Noah Project's mascot. Learning that Stella got it from the trailer, Marion deduced that Gibson must have left one specifically for her. Frank then informed Stella that each one of the polar bear toys had a built-in voice recorder, which would need a pass code entered in order to hear the recorded message.[8]


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