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Georgius (ゲオルギウス, Georugiusu) is a supporting character in Black★★Rock Shooter BEFORE DAWN. He is a scientist associated with the Chivalrous Thieves Group.




Georgius was born in Greece.[1] As an ordinary scientist He was researching into epigenetics - specifically a variant of the PDE10A gene that resulted in larger spleens and greater diving duration in Bajau people, and tried to find a way to reproduce the same trait in other ethnic groups. During that process he discovered the HET-1 gene, which had potential to enhance a human being beyond ordinary means, but his discovery was largely dismissed by the scientific community.[2]

Georgius later became an internationally wanted criminal for conducting unethical human experimentation, and he was saved by the terrorist organization Chivalrous Thieves Group, who wanted to deploy his talents to develop a weapon capable of overthrowing the world without resorting to indiscriminate attacks. Georgius agreed to help CTG without hesitation, and he eventually found a homeless girl from the streets who was eligible for such conversion via her HET-1 gene, whom he named Camila.[1]

Upon successful activation of HET-1 gene, Camila would travel around the world to eliminate government officials and economic elites, with Georgius accompanying her for all operations. However, the United Nations would eventually catch up with CTG by deploying their own Hemiteos Units. Near the Algerian border, Camila, Georgius, and a small group of escorting CTG members were intercepted by Hermit. Realizing that his end was imminent, Georgius advised Camila to escape, and in his final words he stated his satisfaction that the world had finally changed and his Hemiteos concept was accepted to due CTG and Camila, before his Land Cruiser got hurled by Hermit and burst into flames.[3]




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