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Geshumaru (ゲッシュマル - Gesshumaru) is another supporting character to huke's cast of Black★Rock Shooter. She does not appear in the OVA.


She is pictured with what seems to be a robot holding her in his arms while he also holds a sword and knife, with a katana at his side as well. Either a blue flame comes out of her right eye and his mouth, or the blue flame coming from his mouth is close to her eye making it look like a flame from her eye. It is unknown how she fights, but one would think that the robot does the fighting while she controls him. The robot appeared in Anomaro-P's Black Rock Shooter PV, but was seen without Geshumaru. It is possible that the two of them are both Geshumaru, and just go by one name. She has two white stars outlined on her collar.

The robot without Geshumaru, as seen in the MMD PV.

History There's not much to know of Geshumaru the Great Titan of The OtherWorld.Yet they had many battles with the great Hoshi Kyo.