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A Gray (グレイ, Gurei) is a type of enhanced clone in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME.


Grays are artificially enhanced clones created as living weapons to fight against aliens. The clones, together with their technology, are also known as Bio Armament,[1] Life Armament,[2] and Organic Armament[3] (生体アーマメント, Seitai āmamento). Although Grays possess formidable combat performance, they also suffer memory problem that worsens over time, and are prone to become immobile for unknown reasons.[4]

All Grays are clones of Sing Love.[3] A perfect clone is called a White (ホワイト, Howaito).[5]


Game Version[]

Weiler Gibson and D'dario Next created Grays in the form of accelerated clones (ACC), whose technology allowed the clones to grow into an 18-year-old in just six months.[3] The first Gray emerged out of artificial womb in September 2033, and was deployed for combat in January 2034. Twenty-three second generation Grays emerged in July 2034, and among them one, whom Gibson later named Nana, emerged a day later due to equipment problems.[6] An unknown number of third generation Grays were born in 2035. However, Gibson received a report in July 2035 that most of the Grays were captured by aliens.[7]

Stella, also known as BRS, was created secretly by Gibson using older technology and without the knowledge of D'dario Next or the UEF initially. Her existence was only revealed in 2040 when Gibson needed to find a way to protect her until she naturally reached maturity.[7]

Manga Version[]

Sometime after the alien invasion, WRS scaled down her attack on humans as part of top secret negotiations with mankind, and Gibson was able to approach her in private. With her help, Gibson successfully carried out cloning research using her cells, with Stella, Nana, Sophia, Bianchi, and at least two other unnamed Grays being her clones. [8][9]

When the aliens resumed their attacks, the Grays defeated at least four of them in combat, but most were later killed and nebladed by WRS, while Nana was spared on purpose to leave her in despair.[10] Stella was not known to have seen actual combat until she was waken from stasis by the Primary Support Service much later.[11]


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