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Half Mechanic is the ninth episode of Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL. It aired on May 29, 2022.


In order for Empress to recover from her high fever, her body needs to be readjusted. She woke up in the orphanage, Lighthouse No. 8, the place she had been looking for. The building, which had since collapsed from the war, had no information to be found on the Hemiteos Units. However, Strength found a clue to another "Lighthouse No. 8", a laboratory. After tracking down the lab, Empress and the others arrive there to find a control room and a recording medium inside. On the medium was a message from Jessica, the Colonel's wife, who had studied the practical application of the Hemiteos Unit at Lighthouse No. 8, and was a test subject herself. In the video recording, she recounts numerous tragic incidents that occurred in the past. Jessica asks that the readjustment device be used to save her daughter, Charlotte. The device can only be used once; if Empress uses it, Charlotte cannot be saved. What answer have Empress and the others come up with?[1]


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