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Hanako Nakamura (中村華子, Nakamura Hanako) is a minor character in Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul.


According to Hanako's own statement, she was born in July 9. Her intellect and interest in reading eventually got her enrolled to a girls' academy that she longed to enter. However, she was badly bullied by other students in the said school for almost a whole year until they got bored of her. Not long after, Hanako was killed in a bus accident, and she was quickly forgotten.

After death, Hanako's soul lingers in the Threshold, where she creates an illusory school in her own image. She traps other beings that enter the school, and transformed their souls into various objects in school.

When Rock and Ron enter the seemingly empty school to investigate, they fall for Hanako's prank before meeting her in person, who then gives the two a school tour. When Rock and Ron decide to leave, Hanako reveals her identity as the Stagnant Soul and traps them. The bullying experience that Hanako suffered resonates with Rock, whose memory has been suppressed, and prompts her into a rage. After a fierce battle, Rock realizes that Hanako speaks in monologues, and cuts her headphone in half. Losing the means to block unwanted noises, Hanako becomes reclusive and unable to fight back. Rock tells her that the true Hanako is the one who likes books and pranks before finishing her off. In her final moment, Hanako rejects Rock's pity with a smile before disappearing.[1]



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