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Hanako Nakamura is a character introduced in the ~Innocent Soul~ manga. She was a stagnant soul who created an illusionary version of her school, where she lived before getting purified by Rock.


Originally a lively and intelligent young girl, Hanako was abused by her schoolmates to the point of falling into deep depression. Although she tried to block out the world through her headphones, she eventually became suicidal, but was killed by a truck before getting a chance at killing herself. In the Threshold, her headphones block out the constant mockery of her classmates.

She appears to enjoy playing pranks on people.


When Rock and Ron entered the school, a box of flour dropped on their heads after they entered a particular classroom. Apparently out of nowhere, Hanako appeared laughing. Hanako offered the pair a tour of the school. When Rock and Ron wanted to leave, Hanako stopped them in their tracks, and showed them a video of the suffering she had to go through during her mortal life. This video caused an outburst of anger in Rock, and the fight between her and Hanako began.

Rock managed to shatter Hanako’s headphones, which caused her to collapse on the ground, driven into a catatonic state by the verbal abuse of her classmates’ voices ringing inside her head. Out of pity, Rock mercy killed Hanako, allowing her soul to pass on towards Heaven.