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Empress, leader of the Hemiteos Unit.

The Hemiteos Unit (ヘーミテオスユニット, Hēmiteosu Yunitto) is a type of technologically and genetically enhanced soldier in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL and Black★★Rock Shooter BEFORE DAWN.


Only girls with the dormant HET-1 "Hemiteos" gene were eligible for conversion into a Hemiteos Unit. This was carried out by activating the said gene with a special drug and the use of DNA computer, which in turn could artificially enhance muscles and produce nanomachines to sustain the body, effectively turning subject human into a supersoldier. The Hemiteos gene is not present in Y chromosomes, hence Hemiteos Unit candidates were limited to females only. Furthermore, the gene would not be activated if the subject human is past a certain age, as it was with Jessica, who failed to become a Hemiteos Unit when she volunteered for the program.[1][2][3]

Hemiteos Units would form the mainstay of Peacebuilding Force's military strength. Luna Griffith also envisioned deploying Hemiteos Units as spacecraft crew for interplanetary travel.[4]


In response to Chivalrous Thieves Group's Camila, an enhanced fighter whose fighting capabilities were enhanced by activation of HET-1 "Hemiteos" gene and unmatched by contemporary weapons, Luna Griffith persuaded the United Nations to develop their own enhanced soldiers using the same technology to combat the terrorist organization.[5] The Type 00 series units were conceived in Lighthouse No. 1 in California,[2] and their deployment effectively eliminated the CTG as a threat, thereby completing one of the primary objectives for Project Elysion.[3][6]

However, when the AI core of the Project Elysion, Artemis, turned against humanity and rendered the project a failure, the Hemiteos Units had to battle against the rogue AI's Unmanned Forces, but they were overwhelmed and largely wiped out. The only known surviving members were members of Lighthouse No. 8: Empress, Dead Master, and Strength, but they too were eventually defeated and presumed killed in California until Empress's re-emergence in 2062. With the defeat of the Hemiteos Units, the Peacebuilding Force decided to abandon the Hemiteos program and Lighthouses in November 27, 2052.[1]

Known members[]

Lighthouse No. 1[]

Type 00 Hemiteos Units from Ames Research Center

  • Hermit - The leader of the Type 00 Hemiteos Units from Lighthouse No. 1.
  • Seven other Type 00 Hemiteos Units[6]

Lighthouse No. 8[]

Type 01 Hemiteos Units from Bogotá branch, and the only known units to survive by 2062.

  • Empress - Leader of the Hemiteos Units from Lighthouse No, 8. Also known as Black Rock Shooter.
  • Dead Master - A master sniper who is extremely possessive of Empress.
  • Strength - A violent girl who blames Empress for the gaps in her memories and recurring headaches.

The Black Trike owned by Empress, as well as the other two models of its kind owned by Dead Master and Strength respectively, all serve the Hemiteos Unit as high-mobility support combat vehicles.


Hemiteos is derived from the Ancient Greek word ἡμίθεος (hēmítheos), which means "demigod".



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