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Hermit (ハーミット, Hāmitto) is a character in Black★★Rock Shooter BEFORE DAWN.


Hermit was a Japanese girl with short black hair, long limbs, and firm muscles, whose outward appearance made her easily mistaken for a boy. As an Hemiteos Unit, she wore sports bra and compression shorts to maximize movement in combat.[1]



Fielded by the Peacebuilding Forces, Hermit was among the first of the Type 00 Hemiteos Unit series from Lighthouse No. 1. The name "Hermit" was not her real name, but a codename. She made her combat debut in Algeria, where she was sent to intercept Camila and Georgius of the Chivalrous Thieves Group. Camila, who was the biggest threat to human society at that point, was no match for Hermit in close combat. With both Camila and Georgius dead, the CTG's activities came to a halt.[1]

Sometime after the CTG's collapse, Hermit was deployed in response to an assassination squad that infiltrated the Ames Research Center and assassinated Luna Griffith. She tried to capture the assassins alive, but her effort was fruitless as the assassins were equipped with suicide bombs.[2]

When Artemis went rogue against mankind and took control of the unmanned weapons from armed forces all over the world, Hermit led seven other Hemiteos Units of Lighthouse No.1 to retake Ames Research Center, which had been seized by Lunatic, Artemis's avatar. As Hermit fought through Artemis's Unmanned Forces, she attracted Lunatic's attention, and the two confronted each other. With Lunatic's Arche nanomachines that granted herself practical immortality and a property to disable Type 00 series' regeneration, Hermit fell quickly in a one-sided duel.[3]




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