Hooded figures
The mysterious hooded figures are strange "other selves" made from the water coming out of Black★Gold Saw's watering can. It is unknown what nature they are of.


Black★Rock Shooter (2012)Edit

Arata other self

Arata's possible 'other self'

Black★Gold Saw creates them by pouring water droplets from a watering can. They sprout from the ground wearing their hoods. In particular, Black★Gold Saw seems to take an interest in one that seems to be Arata Kohata's "other self".

However, Black★Rock Shooter breaks into the area, causing many rocks to fall down on many of these beings and for them to look at the sky and chant "coming, coming". She then pursues Black★Gold Saw but her shots missed her, hitting and disabling many of the hooded figures except the one that resembles Arata. Black★Rock Shooter walks up to it and holds her hand up to it, but it continues to tremble, and as a result Black★Rock Shooter ignites her eye-flame and beheads the being, while in the real world, Arata keels over, and Mato Kuroi and Saya Irino sense it.

During Black★Gold Saw's battle with Insane Black★Rock Shooter, she used her watering can to summon several more of them to fight her when the latter cut off the former's sword wielding arm. Some of these hooded figures had possibly horns, and they were armed with various weapons, mostly pitchforks, chanting "pain, suffering" and attacked Insane Black★Rock Shooter but she easily decapitated them all with her Insane Blade Claw before turning her attention to Black★Gold Saw again.

In the final episode, after Insane Black★Rock Shooter's defeat, the figure resembling Arata comes back to life, along with the other hooded figures, and results in Arata regaining her memories of and crush on Takuu. The hooded figures now seem to be taller, about the same height as the main characters' "other selves", which implies that they may have become more powerful than they were before.

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  • Their blood is completely black.
  • They may be incomplete "other selves", as they seem to be significantly weaker than "other selves" seen previously, and they do not seem to have a complete form or personality.
    • In Episode 7, it is implied that most other selves are more advanced or more powerful hooded figures, as during Strength's flashback several other selves are portrayed as hooded figures but with a more developed appearance similar to Strength and B★RS. Additionally, both Strength and B★RS have hoods similar to those of the hooded figures.