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"Don't go against the flow. Go with the flow and you'll understand."
― Hu-rin[1]

Hu-rin (フーリン, Hu-rin) is a character in Black★Rock Shooter FRAGMENT. She acts as second-in-command for Bunny1.



Hu-rin is calm and composed, yet fickle and careless at the same time.


Affiliation: Bunny1
Code Name: Bunny2
ID: CS5771480C
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: October 14th
Height: 165cm
Weight: 49kg
Class: Private first class
Hobby: Watching a bonfire
Things I'm not good at: Attendance at social gatherings, etc.
Favorite Food: Energy bar
Hated Food: Nuts

She is the second-in-command of the unit Bunny1. She is at once confident and carefree, and at the same time, careless. She is self-confessedly a stopper for Yuzuki, who tends to rush into anything and everything, but she often receives warnings for her carefree behavior, such as sleeping in small, dark places even during operational activities. She is a unique sniper who combines a lazy personality that allows her to remain motionless for days at a time with a concentration that allows him to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself.

She is an excellent sniper who can shoot with precision and accuracy, and she also plays a role in securing assault routes and retreat routes.

Her calm temperament allows her to observe situations dispassionately, but she is not very good at taking strangers into consideration, and her unkind remarks, which she puts into words as she feels them, can unintentionally gouge other people's hearts.



Bunny1 Relationship Chart

Player character[]


As the vice-captain of the group, Hu-rin watches over Yuzuki from a reasonable distance. Yuzuki sees Hu-rin as her partner.


Hu-rin sees Nara as a little sister, and Nara depends on Hu-rin like an older sister.




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