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The incomplete girls[1] (未完成の少女, mikansei no shōjō)[2] are characters that appear in Black★Rock Shooter 2012 anime. They are mysterious hooded figures created by Black Gold Saw, and as their name implies, they are incomplete other selves.


The girls are of especially short stature compared to Black Gold Saw. They all wear dark cloaks with hoods that cast shadows over their eyes, which appear to be glowing. Most of their faces are indistinct, but those that can be seen all have expressions that seem somewhat fearful.

In Hope That Time There Shouldn't Have Been Any, the incomplete girls that Black Gold Saw creates have demonic traits such as horns and wings, and are armed with pitchforks.


BRS TV EP3-140

Arata's other self

The incomplete girls first appear in Tears Held Back Threaten to Spill Over, where Black Gold Saw creates them by pouring water droplets from a watering can onto the ground, which they then sprout from. Among the girls that are born is the other self of Arata Kohata, whom Black Gold Saw takes an interest in and offers her hand to.

However, a tremor begins to occur and the incomplete girls sense someone approaching. Black★Rock Shooter breaks into the area, causing debris to fall and kill a number of the incomplete girls. While it seems her target is Black Gold Saw, who escapes the area, Black★Rock Shooter fires at many of the incomplete girls, leaving none of them alive except for Arata's other self. Black★Rock Shooter approaches Arata's other self and reaches her hand out to her. However, the girl does nothing but tremble in fear of her. As a result, Black★Rock Shooter beheads her. In the real world, this causes Arata to kneel over in pain. The incident was sensed by Mato Kuroi and Saya Irino.

In Episode 6, Black Gold Saw uses her watering can to summon more incomplete girls in her battle against Insane Black★Rock Shooter, this time armed with weapons. They attack Insane Black★Rock Shooter, but she easily defeats them before turning her attention back to Black Gold Saw.

After Insane Black★Rock Shooter's defeat, the incomplete girls, including Arata's other self, come back to life. As a result, Arata regains her memories and feelings for Taku Katsuchi. The incomplete now seem to be taller, about the same height as the main characters' other selves, which implies that they have become stronger.


  • Their blood is completely black.
  • The incomplete girls are significantly weaker than the other known other selves, and they do not seem to have complete forms or individual personalities of their own.
    • In Episode 7, it is implied that most other selves are more advanced or more powerful girls; during Strength's flashback, several other selves are portrayed as hooded figures with a more developed appearance, similar to Strength and Black★Rock Shooter. Additionally, both Strength and B★RS wear similar hoods.



Tears Held Back Threaten to Spill Over[]

Hope That Time There Shouldn't Have Been Any[]

Let's Go Beyond This World[]


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