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Insane Black★Rock Shooter (インセインブラック★ロックシューター, Insein Burakku Rokku Shūtā), also known as IBRS in short, is an original character designed by huke. She is based on the original concept for Black★Rock Shooter.


There is very little setting for Insane Black★Rock Shooter at the time of the character's creation; the only lore available from her first illustration's description on Pixiv is that she is a "crazy" version of Black★Rock Shooter. Her personal symbol is a star with its rightmost points broken off.


As an original character based on Black★Rock Shooter, Insane Black★Rock Shooter is physically similar, having black hair in uneven twintails. However, her overall appearance is much different from her base concept.

Unlike her base concept, I.BRS' eyes and flame emanating from her left eye are purple. Much of her body is encased in black armor: on the left side of her head is an asymmetrical crown-like adornment with three spikes and a white cross design. Her chest is covered with armor plating that has various designs, such as stars and a checkerboard. Hanging off the left side is a black and white strap that wraps around to the corresponding section on her back. There appears to be torn clothing beneath her chest armor. Her left shoulder has a plate similar to the crown on her head, but with one spike. In her right hand is a massive weapon larger than herself named the Insane Cannon Lance. Her exposed midriff has a single long scar running diagonally across her body. She wears black shorts with two large white belts worn in a cross-shaped manner, and black thigh-high greaves. A number of chains adorn her attire.

In her first illustration, I.BRS appears to be wearing a torn cape or the jacket of her base concept beneath her armor. In her second illustration, however, the torn cape is not present. The second illustration also depicts her with a jagged sword named the Insane Blade Claw in her left hand.


huke uploaded the first illustration of Insane★Black Rock Shooter to Pixiv on April 23, 2009,[1] and a cropped version to his personal blog on the next day.[2] A second illustration was uploaded to Pixiv on November 2, 2009.[3]

Insane Black★Rock Shooter later appeared in the Black★Rock Shooter 2012 Anime as an alternate form of Black★Rock Shooter marking her first and only appearance in any form of Black★Rock Shooter media thus far.



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