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Insane Blade Claw's original iteration as held on Insane Black★Rock Shooter's left hand

Insane Blade Claw[1] (インセイン・ブレードクロウ, Insein Burēdokurou)[2] is one of Insane Black★Rock Shooter's weapons.

Original Concept[]

The Insane Blade Claw's blade features a jagged design akin to an animal's bone.[2] Little is known about the weapon, which appears in one of huke's Insane Black★Rock Shooter artwork.

TV Anime[]

The 2012 TV anime's iteration is mostly identical to the original concept's counterpart.

Insane Black★Rock Shooter used the weapon briefly in her fights against Black Gold Saw and Strength, but it was quickly destroyed by the latter.[3]


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