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The Insane Blade Claw is one of the weapons used by Insane Black★Rock Shooter.


In appearance, it looks like a grotesque and a much larger version of the Black Blade. It has a unique feature which can make it deadly in combat: its serrated blades.


Insane Black★Rock Shooter first manifests this weapon shortly after her transformation and later uses it to force open a portal to Black★Gold Saw's location. She uses it to behead Black★Gold Saw's army of hooded figures, showing great proficiency in wielding the weapon one-handed. It was also strong enough to cut through the pillars surrounding the battlefield. During Insane Black★Rock shooter's battle with Strength, Strength manages to grab the Insane Cannon Lance with her Ogre Arm, so Insane Black★Rock Shooter attempts to attack her with the Insane Blade Claw. However, Strength simply breaks the blade with her tail and throws Insane Black★Rock Shooter away. Whether Insane Black★Rock Shooter can repair the weapon remains to be seen.


Like the Black Blade, its exact abilities are unknown. It is rarely used because of the features of Insane Cannon Lance which already possesses a much deadlier blade. Its only usage is to counterattack incoming close-range attacks when the Insane Cannon Lance is rendered unusable.


  • Strength broke this weapon using her tail, implying that she had enough power to break even powerful weapons such as this.
  • Just like the Black Blade in the OVA, this weapon is also rendered useless later on.