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Insane Cannon Lance's original iteration as held on Insane Black★Rock Shooter's right hand

Insane Cannon Lance[1] (インセイン・カノンランス, Insein Kanonransu)[2] is Insane Black★Rock Shooter's signature weapon.

Original Concept[]

The Insane Cannon Lance is a long weapon, whose length exceeds Insane Black★Rock Shooter's height. Little is known about it apart from its appearance in two of huke's Insane Black★Rock Shooter artwork.

TV Anime[]

The Insane Cannon Lance in the 2012 TV anime shares a similar size and profile to its original counterpart, but it features fewer ridges in design with the addition of a broken star mark on both sides of the weapon. It is linked by a chain to Insane Black★Rock Shooter's back, which can extend and retract on her will.

Insane Black★Rock Shooter uses this weapon both as a melee weapon by thrusting the sharp bladed tip against her opponents, and as a range weapon by firing multiple shots from the revolving barrels located in the midsection. She can fire the weapon remotely even with her right arm severed, using the connecting chain as a limb of sorts. A hidden barrel can also protrude underneath and fire backwards to catch unsuspecting opponents off-guard.


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