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Isana (イサナ, Isana) is a character in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL.




BRS DF EP8-062

Isana and Monica Kaburagi had been in romantic relationship at least since 2059. The two lived together in San Diego until one day, Isana left a message saying she would die soon and left Monica behind.[4]

Isana would live her life as a fisherman near the Iron Ocean. However, the high Arche concentration there would worsen her Arche poisoning. Wanting to live a better life, she took the Peacebuilding Forces' offer to ferry Empress, Dead Master, Strength, Colonel, and Monica across the Iron Ocean from Central America to South America.[4]

Upon arrival in Cartagena, Isana was rewarded batteries and deed for a plot of land in San Diego by the Peacebuilding Forces. She bade Monica a second farewell and suggested to play together in the sea again should they meet again.[4]

On her way to San Diego, Isana witnessed multiple Moon Flakes that descended from the sky before one of them landed in relatively close proximity to her.[5]



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