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Jiou (ジオウ, Jiou) is a minor character in Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul.



During a meeting among beings that oversee Black Stars' operation, Jiou proposes raising the number of Black Stars from two million to ten million in order to counter the increasing number of Stagnant Souls, which is close to one hundred million. Oruo objects to Jiou's proposal, claiming that using Black Stars to purify stagnant souls is cruel and inefficient. Not withstanding Oruo's sympathy for human souls, Jiou reduced them into an object akin to a tables game piece.[1]

When Dead becomes a Stagnant Soul and attempts to destroy everything in the Threshold, Jiou summons a large number of Black Stars to fight her. However, the Black Stars fall in mass numbers to Dead's attacks, prompting Jiou to confront her directly, only to be destroyed in one fell swoop.[2]


Jiou has no compassion for Black Stars; they see Black Stars as mere tools, and that feelings and emotions are irrelevant in the Threshold.


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