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Kaede (カエデ, Kaede) is a minor character in Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul.


Dead first finds Kaede in the back alley of an imaginary city, but her plan to devour the stagnant soul is interrupted by Rock and Ron after they knock one of her Skulls far away. Much to Rock and Ron's surprise, however, Kaede falls in love with Dead, and she is willing to be devoured by the eccentric Black Star if she can confess to her. In order to help Kaede confess to Dead, Rock helps her to dress up as a handsome boy, not knowing that the stagnant soul is actually a girl.

When Dead finally returns, Kaede confesses to her, but is flatly rejected. A quarrel that breaks out between Rock and Dead soon after accidentally reveals that Kaede is a girl. With her true gender exposed, Kaede assumes Dead wouldn't accept her due to her identity, and replays her past memory where her friendship with Sakurako ended abruptly as Kaede tried to advance their relationship into a romantic one, which was rejected with disgust. She then entraps Dead by force, claiming that love is to be fought for, but Dead tells her that love should be a two-way relationship, and that Kaede's infatuation is merely one-sided without consideration for Dead. Having realized her mistakes, Kaede states she wants to understand more about Dead, and that she still likes her.

Dead replies she cannot reciprocate Kaede's feelings, but still gratefully accepts them. She then gives Kaede a kiss before consuming her soul.[1]


Kaede is a very shy person. Having been rejected by a girl she loved in the past, she dresses like a boy and hides her true gender from Rock, Ron, and Dead. She also undergoes mood swings, and the surrounding environment changes rapidly to reflect her mind.


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