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The King Saw (キングソー, Kingu Sō) is the name of the large sword wielded by Black★Gold Saw. It is a recurring weapon that appears in multiple Black★Rock Shooter titles.

Original Concept[]

The King Saw initially appears as a large single-edged sword with a curved blade towards its tip, which also has at least three teeth at the end. The hilt features a crescent-shaped guard with uneven sides.

The weapon later underwent a redesign in Black Rock Shooter Visual Works 2, where it featured a recurved blade and a jagged spine. A skull-shaped pommel is also fitted at the end of the grip.


The King Saw appears in the OVA, where it was used by Black★Gold Saw in her fight against Black★Rock Shooter. The weapon closely resembled the original concept's later design.

TV Anime[]

The King Saw in the 2012 TV anime has a narrower body, but the blade's end is wider in proportion to its midsection. Furthermore, one side of the hilt's guard extends beyond the grip, with a jagged edge similar to the blade's spine.

Black Gold Saw uses the King Saw to interfere Black★Rock Shooter in several occasions, including one time where it appears in a gigantic form.[1][2] She eventually clashed with Insane Black★Rock Shooter, but had her King Saw snatched by the latter after losing her right arm in combat.[3]

Black★Rock Shooter ARCANA[]

In Black★Rock Shooter ARCANA, the King Saw is categorized as a heavy weapon and it is one of the thirteen weapons featured in the game.


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