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Kuro and Shiro (クロとシロ, Kuro to Shiro), also known as Doku and Kuro (ドクとクロ, Doku to Kuro) are two skull-shaped beings in Black Rock-chan.


The two beings mainly differ by the upper section of their eyes: one has its eyes sloped inwards, and the other's are more rounded overall. However, it is not explicit which of the two skulls is Kuro or Shiro.

Kuro and Shiro often accompany Decchan or Rock-chan, and they are able to communicate with the latter to an extent. The two are also capable of showing a variety of expressions.


  • The names "kuro" and "shiro" mean "black" and "white" respectively in Japanese.
  • The alternate names "doku" and "kuro" can combine together as "dokuro", which means "skull" in Japanese.


  • The names Kuro and Shiro only show up on side notes in 4-Koma Nano Ace magazines, whereas Doku and Shiro are the names mentioned by Decchan in the first chapter.
  • According to the characters' description on the side notes, there are no differences between male and female ("オスメスの違いは無い"), which implies one of them is male, and the other being female.
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