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Lars Johansen (ラーズ・ヨハンソン, Rāzu Yohanson), is a supporting character in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME.


Game Version[]

Lars was one of the surviving members of the Primary Support Service who reached Stella's capsule in San Francisco and witnessed her awakening.[1]

Shortly after Stella destroyed a generator, a Big Mouth approached her and the PSS. Lars and Dully rushed to confront the Armament, but both were killed as Stella failed to respond to the threat.[2]

Alternate Game Version[]

In an alternate outcome, Stella saved both Lars and Dully from the Big Mouth in San Francisco,[3] allowing both to return to the UEF Midland Base alive and regroup with the rest of the PSS. He thanked Stella for saving him, and gave her the polar bear mascot that he found in the trailer where Stella was held in stasis. Although Stella recognized the mascot, she could not remember much out of it. Lars then told her to hold on to it, believing that "every little things can become important over time" just as his grandmother taught him in the past.[4]


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