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Lighthouse No. 1 (ライトハウス№1, Raitohausu Nanbā Wan) is a location in Black★★Rock Shooter BEFORE DAWN.


Lighthouse No. 1 was an experimental development facility for Hemiteos Units located in Ames Research Center, and it was the first of its kind, with thirty-five other facilities around the world. The building was a 20-storey tall white tower, with Luna Griffith's Hemiteos Unit research lab located on the top floor. Due to its outward appearance, it received the nickname "Lighthouse", and the name was eventually adopted officially for all branches.[1]

Hemiteos Unit candidates resided on the top floor, where they had access to their own private room and a recreational room. Adjacent to the recreational room was the monitoring room, where the researchers could monitor the candidates in the facility as well as Hemiteos Units who were deployed to the Peacebuilding Forces.[2]


The first Hemiteos Units of the Type 00 series, including Hermit, were developed from Lighthouse No. 1. Most of the candidates were teenage orphans picked from various orphanages and developing countries, who agreed to undertake experimentation in exchange for warm food and bed.[1]

Jessica worked at Lighthouse No. 1 as a researcher before being transferred to Lighthouse No. 8.[2][3]


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