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Lighthouse No. 8 Orphanage

Lighthouse No. 8 (ライトハウス№8, Raitohausu Nanbā Eito) is a location in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL and Black★★Rock Shooter BEFORE DAWN.


Lighthouse No. 8 was one of the thirty-six facilities for the Hemiteos Unit program. It consisted of two locations: an orphanage in Colombia's capital city Bogotá, and a Hemiteos Unit laboratory hidden inside an emerald mine.[1]

The orphanage had a church-like appearance.[2] A plaque stated it was founded in 2018.[3] Although it appeared and functioned as an ordinary orphanage, its true purpose was to gather and foster homeless teenage girls eligible for Hemiteos Unit conversion.

The laboratory had a pathway flanked by storage tanks and pipes, which led to a computer console and a reconditioning pod that was capable of further enhancing a Hemiteos Unit's capabilities or erasing them.[1]


BRS DF EP1-170

Orphanage's children and staff as seen from Empress' memory

Jessica ran Lighthouse No. 8's orphanage as a teacher and continued her research into Hemiteos Unit when she was transferred from Lighthouse No. 1.[4] She looked after a number of orphans, and among them were Empress, Dead Master, and Strength, who would become Type 01 Series Hemiteos Units.[1][2]

When Artemis turned against humanity, Hemiteos Units, including the three from Lighthouse No. 8, were sent to combat the Unmanned Forces that the rogue AI controlled. However, with the defeat of Hemiteos Units, the Peacebuilding Forces decided to abandon Hemiteos Unit program and Lighthouses in November 27, 2052.[1]

In 2062, Empress awoke from her stasis after dreaming of Lighthouse No. 8, and was driven to go back there despite not remembering its precise location. Black Trike had archives of information on Lighthouse No. 8 stored within its database, but they were locked from being accessed.[5]

The orphanage was largely in ruins when Empress, Dead Master, Strength, and the Colonel eventually discovered its location. However, Strength found classified documents that revealed another half of Lighthouse No. 8; a Hemiteos Unit laboratory hidden in an emerald mine in the nearby mountainous area. Inside they found a message left behind by Jessica, which revealed the reconditioning pod. Knowing that there was only enough power to conduct one reconditioning operation, the Colonel prioritized restoring Empress back to her original strength and volunteered to guard the laboratory's interior. Eventually the Colonel's daughter Charlotte, now a brainwashed pseudo-Hemiteos Unit under the Education Institution, broke into the laboratory, and the Colonel held her back long enough for Empress to return to full strength and rescue him in time.[1] After overpowering and putting Charlotte to sleep, Empress recharged the reconditioning pod's battery to conduct one additional operation on the Colonel's daughter in attempt to disarm her.[6]



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