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"Love-chan is bored~ How about I sing a song~"
― Loveness[1]

Loveness (ラヴネス, Ravunesu) is an original character from Black★Rock Shooter ARCANA. She is also known by the title "Diva of Chaos" (混沌の歌姫, Konton no Utahime).


Major Arcana: The Lovers
Type: Close-quarters
Height: 149cm
Weight: 40kg
Specialty: Tying a cherry twig from inside her mouth
Likes: Receiving resents
Dislikes: Reasoning

One of the most self-centered troublemaker in the Arcana World. Optimistic and acts without planning ahead, Loveness never keeps her promises and runs away from them immediately.

She loves her own appearance and hates to be criticized. She is a member of a secret society, but only because she finds it interesting.

She sings terribly well, and it is said that her songs can stop an eruption if she were to sing in a volcano.[1]


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