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Luna Griffith (ルナ・グリフィス, Runa Gurifisu) is one of the main characters in Black★★Rock Shooter BEFORE DAWN. She is the scientist responsible for the development of Project Elysion, Artemis, and Hemiteos Unit.




A granddaughter to an Indian migrant settling in the United Kingdom,[1] Luna Griffith became the youngest Oxford University graduate, and was selected to head a department specializing in human capacity development at the Ministry of Defence's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory in her late teenage years.[2]

When Chivalrous Thieves Group conducted their attacks worldwide, Luna recognized the science behind Camila's superhuman strength was Georgius' brainchild. She then manipulated public opinion and played political games to persuade the United Nations to carry out her "Project Elysion", whose one of the goals was eliminate CTG as a global threat.[2]

With the United Nations' approval and backing, Luna would spend much of her time in Ames Research Center, researching and monitoring the progress of both Artemis' and Hemiteos Unit's development. Lunatic, a humanoid android serving as an avatar for the artificial intelligence Artemis, was named after Luna herself.[3]

Despite Project Elysion's initial success, many world leaders felt Luna had too much power, and that she was no longer needed once CTG was out of the picture. As a result, they sent black ops soldiers to assassinate her, with Ahmed Kanu and other staff members becoming collateral damage. However, unbeknownst to others, Luna had also set a dead man's switch in Artemis so that the artificial intelligence would not fall into the wrong hands should she be killed abruptly.[1] This ultimately led to Artemis going rogue and turning against mankind in an all-out war.[4]



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