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Lunatic (ルナティック, Runatikku) is an avatar of Artemis and, along the AI, acts as the main villain of Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL.


Lunatic has a comparably ethereal appearance vs. the rest of the cast. She has short pale pink hair cut straight with an ahoge curled back, and bright pink eyes. Her outfit consists of a white mantelet with a pink interior, a long cape, a pink one-piece garment akin to a swimsuit with white scalloped frills, and golden ballet slippers.


On the outside, Lunatic acts pretty playful, whimsical and erratic. In truth, she is a sociopathic entity with utter disregard for life, engaging in genocidal attacks with sadistic delight. As an AI built to expand human life on other planets, Lunatic is a naturally curious individual. Lunatic loves to watch humanity and their struggles using every bit of the war she has ignited as a means to gather data.

She frequently toys with her opponents and reveals childlike excitement in the midst of battle, enjoying when her foes prove to be interesting for her. Lunatic also has shown interest to other matters outside of combat as she was entertained by Smiley, whom she kept tabs on regularly and even encouraged him on his sexual desires and plans to create a superior race of Hemiteos Unit hybrids. While fighting, she is always shown with a smile on her face, even when killing hundreds of people.

Highly arrogant because of her own strength, she loves to goad her opponents into trying further into opposing her. Possibly because she is an AI and therefore capable of storing and process vast amounts of data, Lunatic also fancies herself very intelligent and regularly speaks how smart she is, possibly an AI and therefore capable of storing and process vast amounts of data. She is also regularly seen with a lollipop.

Despite her excessive cruelty, Lunatic is in fact carrying out a severely warped version of her initial programming. Her purpose is to populate other stars with human life, so upon closer study of the human life, it came to a deadly conclusion: rather than adapt planets to humans, she decided that humans should be adapted to planets and, as such, engages in global manslaughter in order to eradicate the current humanity and cultivate a new species, study them, slaughter them, and repeat the process for as many times as needed until a species with her self-proclaimed desirable traits for interplanetary population is born.


Lunatic was created by Luna Griffith, a genius scientist, as a body for the artificial intelligence core Artemis. The original purpose was to give Artemis a sense of human consciousness so that it could carry out tasks that were normally deemed too complicated for conventional artificial intelligence. According to Luna, Lunatic was given a female body and an eponym based on herself.[3]

As an avatar of Artemis,[4] Lunatic is an archenemy of Empress, whom she has defeated in the past. In order to exterminate mankind, she is building an Orbital Elevator that will connect the Moon to the Earth, and thereby allowing a machine army to descend from the Moon and overrun the planet.[5]

Lunatic also acts as a medium to relay instructions from Artemis to Smiley and the Education Institution that he leads.[1]



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