Maid Gunner (メイドガンナー - Meido Ganna) is part of huke's Black★Rock Shooter. huke has also referred to her as Infinite Range Maid (無限射程メイド Mugen Shatei Meido), Miss Maid Sniper or just Maid-san (メイドさん) She does not appear in the OVA. However, She appears in an online game, Puchitto Rock Shooter, and she also appears in the MMD creation of Black Rock Shooter



Original art

She is a girl with long black hair and pink eyes. Unlike the primary protagonists of Black★Rock Shooter, her eyes do not shoot out flames. Maid Gunner also wears a maid costume, black stockings and black boots. Her weapon is a long-barreled sniper rifle.

In Puchitto Rock Shooter, her hair is green or light blue instead of black.

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