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BRS TV EP1-376


Mary[1] (メアリー, Mearī)[2] is a vehicle fielded by Chariot in Black★Rock Shooter 2012 anime. It is also referred to as a "tank"[1] (戦車, sensha)[2].


Mary is a large cart with six insect-like legs at the front and two large solid wheels at the back. A seat is located between the wheels for Chariot to sit on while riding the vehicle.

In combat, Chariot relies on Mary's brute force to attack Black★Rock Shooter physically. The wheels can also protrude spikes from the sides, catching opponents in the way and crush them against walls or other hard surfaces. In addition to its physical prowess, the vehicle has a face that can rotate and reveal a mouth to fire oversized macarons at opponents.

Chariot used Mary to ambush and torture Black★Rock Shooter,[3] but it was ultimately destroyed by Black★Rock Shooter's Rock Cannon in Gatling form.[4]