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Maya-tan's Earth Destruction Diary (マヤたんの地球滅亡日記, Maya tan no Chikyū Metsubō Nikki) was a character collection game developed by Imageepoch in partnership with GOOD SMILE COMPANY for iPhone.

The game was released for free to Apple's App Store on September 7, 2012.[1]


According to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world would occur on December 23, 2012. The encroaching apocalypse would come in the form of an evil alien planet that appeared above Earth, and only by raising Puchitto Hunters and sending them to defeat aliens may Earth be saved from its impending doom.[2]


The player can "grow" Puchitto Hunters from the available fields, then launch them towards the alien planet by performing an upward flicking motion on them. The player earns "mp" points knocking out aliens from their planet, which can in turn be spent to purchase upgrades in the shop.

New Puchitto Hunters will appear when certain parameters are met. There are a total of 31 characters available to collect on the Puchitto Hunter index.[3]


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