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MZMA (マズマ, Mazuma) is the second of the Seven Apostles in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME. He is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita.


MZMA has the appearance of a young man with short deep crimson hair. His outfit consists of bright red clothes that look like a trenchcoat, and a pair of gauntlets and boots with asymetrical features. On his left eye is an ornament in the shape of a spine.

His weapon is a gigantic double-edged sword with a sawtooth-shaped blade. The sword's tip can be opened at will and turns the sword into a beam cannon.


MZMA is notable for being particularly ambitious. He can be slightly reckless, however generally he is logical and is well aware of his limits. He enjoys looking for ways to have fun. He is extremely passionate about movies and is always looking for new ideas to create the "ultimate form of entertainment", however his fellow Apostles do not share his passion and thus he is often left alone in his own world.

Battle Skills[]

  • Backdraft (バックドラフト, "Bakkudorafuto") - Boosts his Attack stats.
  • Big Snipe (ビッグスナイプ, "Biggusunaipu") - MZMA charges his sword as a beam cannon and fires at his enemy.
  • Mad Strike (マッドストライク, "Maddosutoraiku") - MZMA prepares himself to strike and travels at a great speed, striking his opponent from out of nowhere.

Manga appearance[]

MZMA does not change very drastically from the game, however his nature appears to be slightly more insidious in comparison. He makes a short appearance after MEFE's death, however does not formally appear until later, when Stella and Rothcol are out for a walk. He chats with SZZU and CKRY for a bit, making his usual references to Big Snipe, before attempting to shoot down Stella and Rothcol from his hidden position in a building. He is stopped, killed, and nebladed by SZZU and CKRY.


  • His name (Mazuma) is the slang term for "money" in Yiddish.
  • According to his character episode, Mazuma likes westerns.


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