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The Meeting Place is a place in Black★Rock Shooter OVA. It's one of Mato's favorite areas, she visits this often, before or after school, to take in the view and enjoy the neighborhood she lives in. As her friendship with Yomi grew, Mato was happy to show Yomi this area.

It is here where Mato tries to explain her love for the town, as she was born and raised within it, although Mato thought it was hard to explain Yomi understood; it is then that Yomi explains that she has been moving around since she was born, never truly having a home town. Mato is surprised by this and states that Yomi should stop moving around stay in this town from now on, Yomi agreed to this with a smile.

Mato then presents a gift for Yomi, a blue phone strap with a blue star charm. Yomi is overjoyed and tells her friend that she will take good care of it.

When Yomi is discovered to be missing, Mato waits for any indication of Yomi and keeps her cell phone by her side. During the early morning a call is received, the text shows that it is from Yomi and Mato has the urge to head to the meeting place possibly believing Yomi will be there, but she only finds the phone strap she had given to her friend, she holds it to her chest and a bright light surrounds her.

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