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Momiji (モミジ, Momiji) is one of the characters in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL. She is one of the young girls meant to be used as sacrifices in a ritual in the Education Institution cult.


Momiji has tan skin with shoulder lenght dark hair. She is about the same height as Empress.


Momiji is a very caring person and extremely selfless. She thinks of her friends before herself. Momiji pleaded for her friends to be saved from when they was being transported to Smiley's territory.


Not much is known about Momiji's past other than that she was taken, together with other girls, to Smiley as sacrifice for a certain ritual. She escaped from captivity and Empress managed to come to her rescue in time before the Education Institution recaptured her. Momiji told Empress and her allies about her situation and begged them to rescue the other captive girls in a train heist, a task that Empress agreed to. Despite the difficulties, Empress, with the help from her allies and Dead Master, successfully isolated the train carriage that housed the captive girls, but as Momiji reached out to reunite them, Smiley remotely detonated the bomb that was hidden inside the carriage, killing all of the girls. This incident left Empress in distraught for some time as she was not able to save them.[3]


  • Empress for the first time shed tears over Momiji's death.


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