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Monica Kaburagi (モニカ・カブラギ, Monika Kaburagi) is a supporting character in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL.


Monica is a young woman with long black hair and gold eyes. She wears a cropped top under a mid-cut black jacket with the sleeves rolled up, a pair of hot pants with two pouches on the sides, thigh-high leggings with a garter belt, and brown boots. She also wears a pair of red teardrop-shaped earrings.


BRS DF EP2-199

Monica is very interested in Empress.

Monica proclaims herself to be a "top 5" talented system engineer and hacker, but she is indeed quite the skilled mechanic. She is passionate about machines, and she chose to attach herself to Empress' group in the hopes of being able to do maintenance on Empress and learn more about the technology she is imbued with as a Hemiteos Unit[1]. She is also somewhat libertine, initially exaggerating her interest in Empress as perverse and later casually offering to have sex with her as a change of pace to relieve stress. Monica is hardly bothered by the Colonel's rude comments and vulgar words, and acts as something of a foil to him while keeping the group together.


Prior to the present time of DAWN FALL, Monica was in a romantic relationship with a girl named Isana, whose health was in poor condition due to frequently swimming in the Iron Ocean. However, at some point, Isana disappeared and left behind a note for Monica that said she was "about to die". Monica had assumed Isana did die, though it would later be revealed that Isana had been alive the entire time.

BRS DF EP2-106

Monica on her comically tiny bike.

Monica first appears in Shooter Meets Hacker, where she is watching Empress and Strength fight from afar. She appears to be impressed by what they can both do. After Empress escapes and Strength goes elsewhere, Monica takes off on her own ride and gets to the mountain town that Empress and the others were headed to first, seemingly waiting for them in the hollowed-out tavern. She listens in on the Colonel telling Empress her origins as a Hemiteos Unit and making vulgar claims towards Norito. Monica then interjects and tries to get on the Colonel's good side by showing him the way to a Peacebuilding Forces base via a terrain-analyzing mapping system rather graciously, but the Colonel sees through her overtly generous act and asks what she wants in return. Monica then reveals her passionate interest in Empress, whom she wants to learn more about while doing maintenance on her. She then goes on to give an introduction about herself until Norito interrupts her to plead to Empress for help.

Monica comes down to the underground refuge with the others. She observes the events that unfold and sighs when Empress states her desire to help the people in need. At a scrapyard outside the mountain town, Monica helps Empress to regain the energy needed to summon the Coilgun by placing Empress' hand on a scrap of machinery, which Empress absorbs into herself. The group then plans to have Empress divert the swarm divisions of Titans away from the hospital site while they retrieve the supplies from there. Monica comments on how the Colonel decided to go along with what Empress wanted to do, and the Colonel says that he wanted to know how strong Empress is. Empress manages to get the swarm Titans away from the hospital site long enough for Norito, Miya and Monica to get as many supplies as they could, but a number of dormant bipedal Titans activate and attack the group. Monica drives everyone out of the hospital site and catches up to Empress, who was able to summon the Coilgun and eliminate numerous swarm Titans. While everyone was distracted, however, a bipedal Titan snuck onto the back of the wartime vehicle and grabbed Norito, forcing Monica to swerve to get rid of the Titan, though with Norito still in its grasp. Empress is able to protect Norito and nearly dispatches the Titan until a surviving number of swarm Titans bombard her, rendering her vulnerable while the Colonel and Black Trike fire back at the remaining swarm Titans. Before more are about to bombard Empress, Strength suddenly appears and protects her from the Titans with her Gigantic Arm. After leaving almost as soon as she appeared, the group returns to the mountain town and delivers the supplies to the people in need. Monica leaves with the Colonel and Empress, and she comments on how she saw the "real" Colonel while they were up against the swarm Titans, as well as how Strength has weighed on her mind. She looks at a photo in the wartime vehicle of a young girl together with her mother.

The three camp out at a clearing for the night. Monica is the only one to be sleeping soundly until the Colonel wakes her up after spotting the Education Institution from afar.



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