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Multiple Moon Flakes approaching Earth

Moon Flake (ムーンフレイク, Mūnfureiku) is a type of kinetic weapon that appears in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL. Its concept is also mentioned in Black★★Rock Shooter BEFORE DAWN.


A Moon Flake was a 30-meter wide meteorite made of titanium and lunar soil. Rogue artificial intelligence Artemis developed a catapult system on the Moon that would launch the artificial meteorites to Earth. The said system used Iron Ocean, a type of liquid metal that contained processed human matters and nanomachines, to contain and stabilize the fusion fuel plasma, then generate enough energy via Magnetized Target Fusion to launch the artificial meteorites to Earth. Moon Flakes would re-accelerate after entering the Earth's atmosphere, and each meteorite could unleash energy approximately equivalent to 500 kilotons of TNT upon impact.[1][2]


Shortly after Luna Griffith's assassination, her brainchild artificial intelligence Artemis underwent internal changes, and ultimately determined that data on human development was insufficient, hence human extinction was required to further develop new kinds of human that would adapt in extraterrestrial environment. To achieve this, Artemis decided to use kinetic bombardment to eliminate mankind while not seriously harming the Earth's environment.[2]

In 2062, Artemis completed the construction of the Orbital Elevator, which then began transporting the Iron Ocean from the Earth to the Moon. The Peacebuilding Forces later detected the launch of Moon Flakes from the Moon, but they did not know the projectiles' identity or capability.[1]

The first wave of Moon Flakes hit the Earth's surface approximately twelve hours after the Orbital Elevator's completion.[1] A total of five thousand Moon Flakes was planned for launch in sequence to ensure mankind's extinction, but as a result of Empress' actions, the critical structural damage on the Orbital Elevator forced the cancellation of the remaining 906 shots. Nevertheless, Artemis' avatar Lunatic estimated that approximately 70% of Earth's life had been eliminated, which was considered a satisfactory result despite the setbacks.[3]



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