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Morris Bailey (モーリス・ベイリー, Mōrisu Beirī), commonly known by the moniker Phobos (フォボス, Fobosu), is a supporting character in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME.


Game Version[]

Bailey was born in March 3, 2018.[1]

As the war against the aliens along with the future of humanity had become desperate by September 2051, the UEF decided to awaken Stella, an artificially enhanced clone soldier who was also humanity's trump card, three years earlier than scheduled. Bailey was one of the few Primary Support Service members who reached Stella's capsule in San Francisco after heading out from the last known human settlement in Moscow.[2]

Rothcall's initial attempts to wake Stella via computer systems were unfruitful, and after witnessing Jon, Koichi, and Tonio fall in battle, Phobos began firing in rage at the trailer that contained her until she emerged awakened.[3]

Although Stella proved herself in combat, she was amnesiac and lacked common sense, which cost Dully and Lars their lives when she did not help them fight against a Big Mouth. This incident enraged Phobos and started an argument with Rothcall when the latter shielded Stella from criticism.[4] The team then split up, with Phobos, Alexei, and Bob returned to the trailer to fix it, while Stella secured the escape route with Rothcall and Xiaomin in support.[5] However, Phobos noticed Stella was missing after rendezvousing with Rothcall and Xiaomin, and when he did find her she was being strangled by a class-A alien Mii, as she did not recognize the alien as an enemy, and which prompted him to tell her to fight back. While Stella defeated Mii in battle and impressing the surviving PSS members, Phobos commented that the former was "not the sharpest knife in the drawer".[6]

Phobos recited prayers for the fallen members when the PSS regrouped in the UEF Midland Base.[7] After requesting for a short break and discussing with the leader Frank Marion on the next plan, he explained the plan to retrieve the Brunhild and the Draco in New Jersey to Stella, which required her to drive the Black Trike that he modified to distract the surrounding enemies in New York.[8] The operation was a success, with the PSS successfully retrieving both aircraft and took off. Phobos lamented a little for the Black Trike when Stella apologized to him for its loss.[9]

The Draco picked up an SOS signal that originated from Moscow, whose sender was thought would to be the last surviving woman on Earth other than Stella, hence the PSS decided to travel there to find and save her. However, the Draco came under heavy attack as it flew over Moscow.[10] The attack worsened to the extent that Armaments managed to get inside, and the Draco took critical damage. Phobos, who was on board the Draco, told Rothcall and Stella to stay alive moments before the aircraft crashed.[11]

Stella then found Phobos dying among the Draco's debris. Phobos worried for Rothcall in his final moments, but also stated that unlike himself, Rothcall still believed in the future. He asked Stella to take care of Rothcall before passing away.[12]

Manga Version[]

Sometime before 2051 but after the initial alien invasion, Phobos worked as a security guard for Sing Love's concert. Knowing that her performances were open only to the military, he considered joining the PSS, even though one of his colleagues thought he would not qualify.[13]

Phobos and Rothcall eventually enlisted in the military at the same time and joined the PSS together.[14] In 2051, he was one of the surviving PSS members sent to wake Stella from her stasis. Impatient of Rothcall's slow progress and seeing the PSS reducing to just twelve men from Armament attacks, Phobos decided to wake her with force by firing his gun on the trailer that contained her. An explosion followed soon after, startling both Phobos and Rothcall before Stella emerged awake and combat ready.[15]

Although Phobos was impressed by Stella's combat capability, he mostly viewed her as a living weapon rather than a human being.[16] Sometime after Stella defeated Mii, Phobos later received an SOS signal that originated from the Antarctic, and decided to rescue the survivor who sent it.[17] Before the PSS departed for the Antarctic, the two rogue aliens Shizu and Karli made contact with them and boarded the Draco together. As Rothcall and Stella traveled separately in the Brunhild and did not know about the two aliens before departing, Phobos had to inform him about the new companions at the destination. Although most of the PSS members were inclined to receive the rogue aliens' support, Phobos and Rothcall remained wary and skeptical of them.[18]

The PSS could not find their rescue target, and despite Phobos's initial objection, they remained in the Antarctic on Shizu's suggestion to train Stella while staying out of other aliens' detection. However, an enemy force of approximately three thousand Armaments eventually arrived on their position two months later. The PSS stayed behind and fought alongside Shizu and Karli, while Rothcall and Stella escaped on Shizu's advice. Phobos's men stood their ground against the incoming Armaments, but fell one by one to WRS, who personally came to the battlefield.[19] Realizing that his end was imminent, Phobos bade farewell to Rothcall via radio call, and rammed an armed missile in a suicide attack against WRS.[14]


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