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"I have to try hard, I have to try hard... ahhhhhhhhhh...."
― Nara[1]

Nara (ナラ, Nara) is a character in Black★Rock Shooter FRAGMENT. She is a spotter for Bunny1.



Nara is hard-working, but also shy, timid, and always in a panic. She relies on Yuzuki and Hu-rin for support.


Affiliation: Bunny1
Code Name: Bunny3
ID: RS57149080C
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: December 21th
Height: 148cm
Weight: 38kg
Class: Private
Hobby: Sewing, sweets making
Things I'm not good at: Attendance at social gatherings, etc.
Favorite Food: Cream stew, chocolate, amanatto
Hated Food: Natto

She is a member of Bunny1, she is an honest younger sister who is often in a panic. She is good-natured, tends to trust people easily, and wastes a lot of ammunition. She is inexperienced both mentally and in terms of skills, but she is a hard worker who tries to make up the difference. Although she is not very good at observing targets and understanding the environment, she can be relied on as an observer.

Her excellent hearing enables her to determine the position and number of enemies as if by sonar, but this is not an EX-S (unique supernatural ability), but rather a characteristic skill of the individual.

In addition to being innocent and serious, she is extremely afraid of making mistakes because she is aware that she often fail. She actually has high potential, but she is unable to fully utilize it due to her personality.



Bunny1 Relationship Chart

Player character[]

Yuzuki and Hu-rin[]

As the elder members of Bunny1, both Yuzuki and Hu-rin see Nara as someone like a little sister. Nara, in turn, depends on both of them like older sisters.




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