"Neblade" is an ability possesed by the aliens from Black Rock Shooter THE GAME. It is primarily used for one individual to absorb the "essence" of another, giving the individual the consumed's powers as well as their memories and knowledge.
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MZMA describes how he nebladed Ned Trancy to Stella and Rothcol.

Neblading plays a significant role in the game's storyline and character development. MZMA first mentions neblading as he speaks to Stella and Rothcol before he engages Stella in combat. However, the first time neblading is seen in action is after MZMA's defeat; SZZU and CKRY consume him, gaining his power and memories. LLWO also reveals he nebladed MEFE after she was defeated, but for different reasons (it was to keep a promise to her). Later, XNFE implies that this was done not only with the invaders, but that they nebladed humans as well; when SAHA tells her that she has become more like the humans, she claims she must have done one too many neblades.
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SAHA submits himself to be taken to and nebladed by White Rock Shooter.

As aliens, all sentient antagonistic characters possess the ability to neblade.

In the mangaEdit

Neblading has no difference whatsoever in the manga.  However, certain instances in the game do not occur in the manga, such as LLWO neblading MEFE or WRS neblading SAHA.
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SZZU and CKRY neblade MZMA.


  • In the Nana Grey ending of the game, Nana questions whether or not she possesses the ability as well, but does not reach a conclusion - she merely uses the preface to tease Stella.
  • In MEFE's backstory (the final pages of the manga), the reader learns that she and other alien females were rounded up for the purpose of neblading, possibly on mass scale.
  • As the White clone of White Rock Shooter, it is possible that Stella possesses the ability to neblade. However, in both the manga and the game, she does not use it.
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