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Neblade (ネブレイド, Nebureido) is the act of consuming another living being and inheriting their memories as well as any other information in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME. The term is used both as a noun and a verb.


WRS and other aliens possess the means to neblade other living beings, which also included themselves. The actual act of neblading, however, is not directly depicted in the game or the manga.


Game Version[]

Sometime during the alien's invasion, Mazuma tracked down and nebladed Ned Trancy, an actor from the movie Big Snipe.[1]

In September 25 2051, Mii died fighting to a recently awakened Stella in San Francisco. A John Doe appeared, which then collected her body and teleported away. Lilio, who had a promise with Mii, went to neblade her, and by doing so he inherited Mii's regrets of not defeating Stella, which drove him to vengeance.[2][3]

When Mazuma confronted Stella in New York City, he threatened to neblade her if she was just an ordinary Gray and not a White that WRS wanted, but he too was defeated in battle. Shizu and Karli nebladed his body on the spot soon after Stella left for Moscow.[1]

In Moscow, Shizu and Karli permitted Stella to accompany the dying Morris Bailey and Frank Marion at the Draco's crash site, believing that a good neblade depended on the amount of good memories that a subject possessed. Marion suspected that aliens feasted on information to keep themselves alive.[4]

Nafe, who wanted to challenge WRS, believed that she could overcome WRS by neblading Stella first, but Zaha rebutted and discouraged her from such notion, explaining that Nafe could not match WRS's strength simply by neblading an incomplete clone, and if Stella were a White, or a perfect clone, then she would not stand a chance in the first place.[5] He also stated that WRS only desired to "neblade herself", which indirectly referred to her clones.[6]

Both Nafe and Zaha were captured and nebladed by WRS after losing to Stella in battle.[7][8] Stella found the remains of Nafe's and a Gray's non-organic equipment nearby when she met WRS on the Moon, which made her realize that the sister clones before her were nebladed by WRS.[9]

Manga Version[]

Shizu and Karli nebladed Mazuma after betraying and murdering him. Shizu, who never watched Big Snipe that Mazuma mentioned shortly before his death, experienced the movie from his memories via neblading, and learned that the main actor was nebladed.[10]

When the two rogue aliens openly sided with the Primary Support Service, Shizu explained to Rothcall that it was difficult for aliens to hold back their appetite on humans, and by doing so she was practically starving, but nonetheless she would look for ways to control it.[11]


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