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Nico (ニコ, Niko) is a minor character in Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul.


Nico is a round being with rabbit-like ears. They feature a darker color on top and a lighter color on bottom, with a jagged partition dividing the two halves like fangs on a mouth.

When in combat, Nico takes form of a large hammer for Acta to wield as her weapon.


Nico and Ron are acquainted for some time. One day, they were assigned for a mission together with their Black Stars, Acta and Rock respectively, to cleanse the soul of a tiger. During battle, Nico boasts how Acta is their best partner so far and they won't need Rock and Ron's help, but when Rock tries to save Acta after the latter suffers a fatal attack from the tiger, Acta mocks Rock for her unnecessary emotions, and berates the dying Acta as trash.[1]

After Acta's death, Nico searches for a new soul to become their new partner and advises Ron to also find one to replace the increasingly emotional Rock.[2]


Nico lacks camaraderie and views Black Stars as mere expendable tools.



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