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Norito (ノリト, Norito) is one of the characters in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL. He is the older brother of Miya.


Norito is a young boy with short brown hair and olive green eyes. He has a braid on the left side of his hair, which matches his sister's braid. He wears a green and black jacket and pants. He has a thin, skeletal prosthetic right arm.

As an adult fifty years later, Norito wears a newer version of the Peacebuilding Forces' winter uniform. His bangs are parted in the middle, and he has grown a beard similar to the Colonel's. He retains his braid on the left side of his hair.


Norito is very protective of his sister.[1] He is willing to prioritize his sister's safety over his own when placed in extreme danger.[2]


BRS DF EP1-201

Norito and his sister Miya lived in a fortress city located on a hill not far away from San Francisco. Sometime in 2062, the two siblings ventured out to a facility named Area X to collect water, where they encountered an amnesiac Empress at the basement. Soon after they were cornered by pursuing Unmanned Forces, putting Norito in immediate danger. This prompted Miya to help Empress out by clearing the debris blocking her exit, who in turn rescued them with Black Trike's assistance. A small detachment of Peacebuilding Forces soldiers soon found them in the open, and the Colonel ordered Empress to leave the siblings behind as they would be a hindrance to their operations, but Empress refused and wanted to take them home.[2]

BRS DF EP2-201

After surviving another attack from Unmanned Forces, the siblings rode on the remaining Peacebuilding Forces' vehicle with the Colonel and drove to the fortress city. Upon learning Empress's identity as a Hemiteos Unit from the Colonel, Norito begged her to assist him and Miya on collecting medical supplies in an abandoned hospital for the city's residents by drawing nearby Unmanned Forces' attention away from them. With Miya and Monica assisting the retrieval as well as Strength's brief intervention against the Unmanned Forces, the operation was a success, and the siblings bade farewell to Empress, Colonel, and Monica.[3]

BRS DF EP5-289

Sometime later, the Education Institution raided the fortress city, kidnapping Miya in the process. Norito escaped the fortress city and reached out for for help, where he recognized Strength outside a bar in the open. Norito clung on to Strength despite her refusal to help, and the two were eventually by a band of Education Institution soldiers. Losing part of her Gigantic Arms in battle against the cultist soldiers, Strength escaped in her buggy, and Norito managed to track her down, but also betraying her to the Education Institution under a deal by an officer, who promised to release his sister in exchange for helping them hunt down Strength. Guilt-ridden by his own actions, Norito double-crossed the Education Institution officer to buy time for Strength to escape again. As a result he was to be executed by hanging as he was deemed unfit for reeducation, but he was saved by Strength with the assistance from Empress and Dead Master.[4] Norito then joined Strength on finding Miya on Education Institution's ground carrier and successfully rescued her.[5]

BRS DF EP12-484

When the Peacebuilding Forces started their operation to take down the Orbital Elevator, Norito and Miya decided to head over to witness the battle. En route they encountered Monica, who was evacuating the area. Monica reluctantly brought Norito over to the battlefield while insisting Miya to stay behind for safety's sake. There the two rescued Charlotte from the battlefield, discovered the Colonel's death, as well as witnessed Empress destroying the Orbital Elevator from a distance. 50 years later, Norito as a high ranking officer in the Peacebuilding Forces led a major spaceborne counterattack operation on Artemis.[6]



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