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The Ogre Arm or Ogre Arms (オーガアーム, Ōga Āmu) are Strength's signature weapon as a pair of large mechanical arms, and they appear in multiple Black★Rock Shooter titles.

Original Concept[]

The Ogre Arms appear grafted on Strength's upper arms, with a white fist symbol on the back of each hand.


Strength only makes a very brief appearance in the OVA, where her Ogre Arms closely resembles the original concept's design. Design draft for OVA character indicates the mechanical arms are not permanent attachment, and can be replaced by ordinary arms.[1]

TV Anime[]

The Ogre Arms in the 2012 TV anime feature wider palms and can change forms, such as turning fingertips into gun barrels, transforming a hand into a Gatling gun, or even a rail with two fists that functioned like a pile driver. They are used by Strength and later Yuu Koutari when she swapped bodies with Strength, with the latter fighting Insane Black★Rock Shooter.[2][3]

Black★Rock Shooter ARCANA[]

In Black★Rock Shooter ARCANA, the Ogre Arms are categorized as heavy weapon and they are one of the thirteen weapons featured in the game.

Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL[]

In Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL, the Gigantic Arms[4] (ギガンティックアーム, Gigantikku Āmu)[5] are a pair of mechanical arms that are mounted on a collar around Strength's shoulders, with a tail at the back. Strength uses the Gigantic Arms to smash her enemies with sheer force, but the weapons are also capable of firing projectiles from the fingertips, or to shield herself from enemy attacks.

Although Strength is aggressive in combat, losing one of the Gigantic Arms would cause her to suffer a split in personality, where her more coward side becomes more prominent.[6][7] However, Strength can regenerate a lost "limb" when certain conditions are met.[6]


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