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The Ogre Arms are the massive, close-quarter weapons of Strength. They appear as a pair of very large black mechanical arms that are, unlike any other weapons, always attached to their wielder, Strength. As their name suggests, the Ogre Arms possess great physical power.


The Ogre Arms were first seen being utilised in Episode 4 of the anime, albeit for non-lethal purposes. Strength used them to drag the body of the beheaded Chariot and hurl the pieces off a cliff.

The Ogre Arms were seen in combat for the first time in Episode 6, used against Insane Black Rock Shooter. They are frighteningly powerful melee weapons, and were able to severely damage even the powerful Insane Black Rock Shooter. They were used flexibly (e.g. blocking a sword stroke by grabbing the blade) and in concert with Strength's scorpion-like tail. Despite their sheer power and bulk, they do not hamper Strength's speed at all.

When "Strength" is actually revealed to be the real Yuu in Strength's body, she activates four Ogre Arms and uses them for devastating crushing and smashing attacks.

When Strength attempts to destroy herself, she and Yuu are transported to Strength's world, and the Ogre Arms mysteriously disappear. However, after Strength "dies" and reforms, she has the Ogre Arms again.


  • They allow their user to pummel her opponents with great force.
  • The Ogre arms also possess a system for firing projectiles out of the "fingers" of the arms at high rates of fire.
  • They can transform into a pair of Gatling guns, for even greater firepower.
  • STR can deploy at least two more Arms from her back, giving her four Ogre Arms in total.
  • They were able to turn into a piledriver-like mechanism which Strength used to repeatedly pummel I.BRS.

Other Versions[]

In the GAME, XNFE uses a pair of mechanical arms similar to this that lets her fire lasers and functions like a remote control to control her robotic minions.

In Black★Rock Shooter Arcana, the Ogre Arms are not actually part of Strength's body, and instead seem to follow the movements of her normal arms in a telekinetic manner. This was probably done for the sake of compatability with the tarot system.