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One day is an insert song featured in the Black★Rock Shooter OVA. The song is performed by Nagi Yanagi (then known as nagi). The original lyrics, composition, and arrangement were done by ryo, with the English lyrics done by Taishi Fukuyama.

The song is included on both releases of Black★Rock Shooter Animation; Original Soundtrack & Remixes, along with a remixed version by Shinichi Osawa.


Original text
Red rose, how beautiful you are

Gallantly bloom forever more
Pale rose, may you never wither
I will commit myself to you

If the sky shall shower down on you

I will be the shelter through the rain
If a storm shall carry hurt on you
Let me be the shelter through the pain

One day when time goes by

A day to crumble will pass on by
Always, I will be by your side
Forever and ever, right by your side

Now sleep tight and shine bright


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