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The Orbital Elevator (軌道エレベーター, Kidō Erebētā) is a major location in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL and Black★★Rock Shooter BEFORE DAWN.


The Orbital Elevator was a large transport system designed to connect the Earth and the Moon together as part of Project Elysion. The artificial intelligence Artemis determined that the body of the Orbital Elevator should be constructed with strong but flexible bionanomachine, with a docking station in the middle that can stretch, allowing it to stretch or contract across long distance even when docked.[1]

It was visioned that the Moon would serve as a new immigration destination as well as a staging point for future Mars travel once the Orbital Elevator and terraforming on the Moon were complete.[1]


Construction of Orbital Elevator occurred both in Colombia on Earth and on the Moon at the same time, with the Earth side funded by a United Nations-sponsored transnational company.[2]

Even after Artemis turned rogue against humanity, it would continue construction on both ends over the course of twenty years, with its purpose now changed to supplying the Moon with human material processed from Earth via Iron Ocean for kinetic bombardment and to fulfill human's extinction upon completion.[3]

The United Nations was aware of its progress in construction, but not of its true purpose, believing it was to significantly reinforce Artemis' Unmanned Forces from the Moon and overrunning Earth.[4][5] Nevertheless, they correctly perceived the Orbital Elevator as a grave threat to humanity. In 2062, the United Forces launched a massive assault on Oribtal Elevator with the Hemiteos Units Empress, Dead Master, and Strength acting as spearhead. They did not manage to stop the Orbital Elevator's completion in time, witnessed the initial wave of Moon Flake kinetic bombardment, as well as suffering significant casualties in battle, but Empress managed to destroy it in one powerful shot by overloading her body, seemingly sacrificing herself in the process.[3][6]

As a result of Empress' actions, the structural damage on the Orbital Elevator delayed Artemis' human extinction plan by approximately one million seventy-six hundred thousand hours.[6]



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