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Overdrive Key

The Overdrive Key (オーバードライブキー, Ōbādoraibu Kī) is a special device that appears in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL.


The Overdrive Key appeared as a glowing memory stick. According to Black Trike, this device could endow its user with a combat output dozens of times the usual amount, but one misstep could cause the DNA computer inside the user's body to overload, damaging the brain's nerves as a result.[1] It is unknown whether there were Hemiteos Units other than Empress who had access to or could activate an Overdrive Key.


In 2042, Empress used her Overdrive Key to save Dead Master and Strength from Lunatic's brainwash in Mountain View, California. The prolonged use caused her body and brain to suffer significant damage, and as a result she had to retreat to Area X in San Francisco for maintenance. However, her body and memory would not fully recover to her original state when she emerged from the incubation tank twenty years later.[1][2]

Shortly after regaining her original strength and memories in Lighthouse No. 8, Empress activated the Overdrive Key to rescue Dead Master and Strength from Smiley, but she limited the duration to just ten seconds under Black Trike's advice in order to prevent long term damage.[1]

Empress would use the Overdrive Key again in the decisive battle to destroy the Orbital Elevator, but she was overpowered by Lunatic in a one-on-one duel. In a desperate measure, she overloaded and transformed her body beyond recognition, which gave her the necessary power to destroy the Orbital Elevator in one shot before her body disintegrated.[3]



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