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Peacebuilding Forces in 2062

The Peacebuilding Forces (平和構築軍, Heiwa kōchiku-gun) are one of the major factions in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL and Black★★Rock Shooter BEFORE DAWN.


The Peacebuilding Forces were a new branch of United Nations' armed forces created to have greater authority over existing peacekeeping forces.[1] Although much of their personnel were ordinary soldiers, their trump card was Hemiteos Unit - a type of technologically and genetically enhanced soldiers exclusively deployed under their jurisdiction.[2]

By 2062, the Peacebuilding Forces were much weakened by continuous resistance against the Unmanned Forces, and while their main vehicle of choice was a type of multipurpose utility vehicle, they still had access to heavy weaponry, such as main battle tanks and self-propelled guns.


In the 2030s, global terrorist organization Chivalrous Thieves Group conducted multiple attacks across the world, killing political and economic elites alike with little to no opposition; national armed forces were hampered by geopolitical borders, whereas international organizations lacked authority to conduct meaningful enforcement. As a result, Luna Griffith persuaded the United Nations to create the Peacebuilding Forces and Hemiteos Unit as part of Project Elysion to help combat the rampaging CTG as the immediate goal, as well as to help support human development in the long term with artificial intelligence Artemis leading the extraterrestrial terraforming projects.[1]

The successful deployment of Type 00 series Hemiteos Units effectively eliminated the CTG as a global threat.[3]

However, dissatisfied with Luna Griffith's power, the world leaders secretly planned her assassination by sending a team of black ops soldiers to Ames Research Center, killing her as well as many other facility personnel and garrisoned Peacebuilding Forces soldiers along the way. The Peacebuilding Forces developed distrust of national governments after this incident.[4][5]

Luna Griffith's abrupt death triggered a dead man's switch within Artemis, which eventually led it to rebel against mankind by taking over weapons via remote hacking and turn them against their former owners. The Peacebuilding Forces was one of the few, if not the only, armed forces that managed to form some resistance against the overwhelming number of machines, but with the defeat of Hemiteos Units, they lasted four months before having to go on the defensive for twenty years until the reemergence of Empress, the leader of Hemiteos Units.[5][6][7]



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