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The Primary Support Service[1] (プライマリー・サポート・サービス, Puraimarī Sapōto Sābisu),[2] also commonly referred to as the PSS, is an elite military unit that appears in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME.


Formed by D'dario Next, the PSS is an elite military unit that falls under the UEF's jurisdiction. Its purpose is to support BRS and help her defeat the invading aliens.[1][2]

Most of the known members wear a full body combat suit that uses some of the aliens' technology.[2]


Game Version[]

The PSS was first formed in 2041 on the UEF's order shortly after Stella was placed in a capsule in a secret operation known as PROJECT 12. The plan was to wake her up in 12 years' time and support her in combat. However, the war against the aliens along with the future of humanity had become desperate by 2051, and the UEF decided to wake Stella three years in advance. In September 20 2051, the PSS departed Moscow covertly for San Francisco, while the aliens began to hunt down the rest of the human survivors residing in Moscow.[3]

It took the PSS five days to reach Stella's capsule in San Francisco and carry out PROJECT 12. By then their numbers dwindled from under one thousand strong down to just fifteen men. Jon, Koichi, and Tonio died defending the trailer that contained Stella while Rothcall tried to wake Stella up via the computer systems. After failing to wake her up for some time, Phobos fired on the trailer, and Stella finally emerged from her sleep.[4] Despite showing promise in her combat capability, Stella was amnesiac and lacked common sense. This cost Dully and Lars their lives as they died to a Big Mouth while Stella failed to respond and support them.[5]

Now down to ten men, the PSS regrouped and planned their next move, which was to retrieve the Brunhild and the Draco in New Jersey, while Stella traveled to New York in Black Trike and drew the surrounding enemies' attention away from the PSS as a diversion.[6] Most of the members boarded the Draco, while Rothcall piloted the Brunhild to pick up Stella.[7][8] The operation was ultimately a success, and all members exfiltrated without any casualties on their side.[9]

The Draco picked up an SOS signal that originated from Moscow, whose sender was thought would to be the last surviving woman on Earth other than Stella, hence the PSS decided to travel there to find and save her. However, the Draco came under heavy attack as it flew over Moscow.[10] It eventually crashed after taking critical damage, all crew onboard were killed or moribund by the time Stella reached the crash site, leaving Rothcall the only man alive as he was on the Brunhild. However, Rothcall was shortly killed by one of Nafe's Little Rabbits when he was on the ground, bringing all of PSS to an end.[11]

Manga Version[]

The PSS were down to twelve men by the time Stella woke up. They lost at least two more when Stella failed to respond to a Big Mouth's attack, but the surviving men did not blame her for their loss.[12] Nevertheless, most of the members did not refer Stella as a human, but merely a living weapon of sorts. When Stella defeated Mii, one of the seven aliens, the vengeful PSS members finished her off.[13]

Later on, Phobos received an SOS signal that originated from the Antarctic.[14] The plan was to travel to Antarctic with the Brunhild and the Draco: the Brunhild would first secure the area, and any survivors found would embark the Draco before departing. Two aliens, Shizu and Karli, made contact with the PSS, and boarded the Draco with them to the Antarctic, much to Rothcall's surprise and disapproval when they arrived at the destination. Shizu planned a coup d'état against WRS with the help of another alien who had yet to arrive, and while most of the PSS members were inclined to receive the rogue aliens' support, Phobos and Rothcall remained wary and skeptical of them.[15]

The PSS originally planned to leave the Antarctic once they rescue the survivor who sent the SOS signal, but their target were nowhere to be found. They then agreed with Shizu's plan to remain there out of other aliens' sight while Stella trained for combat, who would be their trump card against WRS. Two months later, an enemy force of approximately three thousand Armaments arrived on their position. With the exception of Rothcall, who accompanied Stella to escape on Shizu's advice, the PSS stood their ground alongside with Shizu and Karli against the Armaments. Unbeknownst to them all, WRS personally went to kill them one by one.[16] Realizing that his end was imminent, Phobos bade farewell to Rothcall via radio call, and rammed an armed missile in a suicide attack against WRS. Nafe, who was supposed to be the reinforcement that Shizu mentioned, eventually made contact with Rothcall and Stella via her Little Rabbits, but soon double-crossed them. Rothcall shielded Stella from the Little Rabbit's attack and was fatally wounded. His death marked the end of the PSS.[17]

Known Members[]


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