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Puchitto★Rock Shooter (ぷちっと★ロックシューター, Puchitto Rokku Shūtā) was a free-to-play online role-playing browser game developed by Imageepoch in partnership with AG-ONE and GOOD SMILE COMPANY. It was a spin-off title of Black★Rock Shooter media franchise featuring chibi characters designed by CHANxCO, who was also responsible for the game's visual assets such as background and font.[1]

First launched on March 9, 2011[2][3], the game was hosted on niconico appli gaming platform until its closure on September 12, 2012.[4] An iPhone game named Puchitto★Rock Shooter: Pursue the Mystery of the Sexy Planet served as the browser game's successor.[5]


The player character (whose default appearance was that of a chibi Black★Rock Shooter) was one of the many wandering bounty hunters setting foot on Puchitto Planet to find the "Great Puchitto Planet Alien", who was rumored to hold the key to rule the universe,[6] as well as the power to make all things come true for those who were bound to her.[2]


Players explore various areas of Puchitto Planet to collect requested items and defeat bosses in order to progress to the next stage. There are also treasures and Puchitto aliens that they can collect for rewards and other bonuses.

The spaceship serves as the hub area in the game, where players can adjust volume settings, customize equipment, access shop, world exploration, or PVP battles.

There are three resources available: Adventure Points, Battle Points, and Workshop Points, all of which replenish over time. Players spend Adventure Points to explore, open treasure chests, battle monsters, and capture Puchitto aliens. Battle Points are used to challenge other player bounty hunters in PVP battles, where they can take away other players' Puchitto aliens or Niconico points upon victory. Workshop Points are used to enhance or repair equipment.

Currency-wise, both Puchitto Points and premium Niconico Points are used for purchasing items, equipment, and accessories in shop, as well as equipment enhancement in workshop.

All battles are automated, with outcomes determined by the player's equipment. Whichever side manages to reduce their opponent's health points to zero wins. If neither side's health points are depleted by the end of the tenth turn, the battle ends in a draw. While normal battles against monsters and other players are fought in one-vs-one nature, players can get help from other bounty hunters (up to four) in their friend lists in boss battles.

Battles reduce equipment's durability, and equipment will break when their durability reaches zero. Durability can be restored fully via the workshop or partially by having other players in the friend list to help polish equipment as a friend support feature.



Puchitto is the Japanese transliteration of the French word petite, meaning "small".

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