Puchitto Rock Shooter (ぷちっと★ロックシューター) is an omake free-to-play online browser game based on the Black★Rock Shooter concept, released by Imageepoch exclusively for the Nico Nico Douga website. The overall in-game designs are made by CHANxCO.

It depicts Black Rock Shooter in a chibi style traveling across various areas of a planet called Puchitto. The story featured in this game is completely separate from the OVA and the PSP game.

Puchitto★Rock Shooter was released on March 7, 2011, and was provided for free by Nico Nico Apps until September 12, 2012, when the service was discontinued. A new Puchitto Rock Shooter game was released for the iPhone and iPad on September 7, 2012.


The story focuses on Black★Rock Shooter's adventures as a wandering bounty hunter that stumbles upon a certain planet called Puchitto. Upon her landing on the said planet, she stumbles upon unusual creatures from the planet - inhabitants who need her help, and those who wants her dead.

The antagonist in the story is apparently referred to as "The Great Puchitto Being".


The player acts the role of Black Rock Shooter, who helps the inhabitants of Puchitto from "The Great Puchitto Being". Battles involve fighting alone or with a teammate controlled by AI against single or multiple enemies. Gameplay occurs on two dimensions only, with the battle system presumably real-time.

Like in many role-playing games, the objective is to maintain one's hit points (avoid it from reaching zero) and to defeat the enemy or enemies to advance to the story. Items that improve certain aspects of the character may also be acquired throughout the game.

Mission SystemEdit

Players can accomplish missions that require traveling across Puchitto. Starting a mission can be accessed through the player's personal room, and missions can be chosen from a map of Puchitto. Missions usually consists of item gathering and/or hunting monsters, with defeating a boss monster the mission's final objective.

Player CustomizationEdit

Aside from the normal gameplay, players also acquire or unlock items that allow customization of the character's avatar. This allows the player to change to look of the character from its usual look into a wide variety of possible combinations of hairstyles, hair color and clothes.

Workshop: Item CreationEdit

A recent addition to the features of Puchitto Rock Shooter is the Workshop, a room created for players to perform actions with their weapons and equipment. Basically, players can upgrade and strengthen their weapons, or repair damaged ones, and each process might fail depending on the experience of the player in using the Workshop. Equipment can also be upgraded, with changes in color available for the equipment.

Trivia Edit

Puchitto is the Japanese transliteration of the French word petite, meaning "small".

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