Ram (ラム) is a character in Black★Rock Shooter ~Innocent Soul~ manga. She is a Black Star registered as Black Star 0000001.


Ram looks like a teenager with curled horns, a headband on her head, baggy striped pants and a long veil.


Despite her graceful appearance, Ram appears to be a hard realist who is swayed very little by emotions or kindness. This is evidenced by her opinions of her colleague Ouru (whom she says "has always been the kind one" in making decisions concerning Hazama and the Black Stars ) and the Black Star Rock (whom she warns about the dangers of wanting to reclaim her memories and ego). She appears to have a certain affinity to Rock, as she has assisted her in battle.

Ram has a deep hatred to the emotions and Hazama considering it an unpleasant and miserable world. But really all Ram wanted was somebody to realize her.


Her existence before being a Black Star hasn't been revealed yet. In the Threshold, she is considered to be an influential figure amongst the beings who oversee the missions of the Black Stars scattered throughout the Threshold. Despite being a Black Star herself, she was never seen doing a mission herself, and is often seen either watching over Rock in her missions or inside her personal chamber.


Watching Over RockEdit

Ram is first seen in a meeting with the other leaders of the Threshold. When she was only through the board looked like ending the mission of Rock. After Rock and Ron took Nico to choose a new Black Star, Ram followed them. When Rock was attacked by a stagnant soul whose ability was contered on songs, she saved her and encouraged her to continue fighting. She later left Rock after the stagnant soul disappeared.


Ram "The first Black Star"

When Rock and Ron had a new mission, she went to cheer them. After Rock and Ron were unconscious, she took her to a room full of cages with all the corrupt Black Stars. But when Ron restored sanity to Rock, Ram attacked her right away to learn why Rock had not disappeared. Rock responded that "I just want to live". Given this response, Ram decided to kill Rock but Ron appeared to fight against Ram until the appearance of Dead.

Turns Ram told Dead that if she ate enough souls, she would revive but this was a lie and told her when she lost his fight with Rock. When Rock killed Dead as Ram asked her, it starts the battle of the Rock against Ram.


Ram has proven to be a skilled fighter. Her main weapon is a giant ring with sharp edges to act as a saw. Ram can also create black dials that when exploding fulminate all have contact with them.


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