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Ram (ラム, Ramu) is a character in Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul.


Ram appears as a young woman with dark curled horns on her head. She can emit a flame on her right eye.



Ram's previous life was that of a firefly that could not emit light.[1]

When Ram first wakes up in the Threshold she realizes that the world exists to harbor souls that cannot fulfill their dreams, yet she finds it meaningless. She toys with the idea of creating Black Stars from Stagnant Souls, and having them fighting each other to see if the world will undergo any changes as an experiment. However, the world does not change at all, and Ram believes her experiment becomes pointless.[1]

Ram becomes one of the leaders who oversee Black Stars' operations. She has an interest in Black Stars who gain emotions and a sense of self, and Rock is one such target, as Ram observes a visibly shaken Rock witnessing the death of a fellow Black Star whose body regresses back to a soul.[2]

Ram meets Rock in person when she rescues the Black Star from a singing Stagnant Soul's attacks. She tells Rock to fight back, warning her that the latter can risk becoming a Stagnant Soul one day if she continues to hold on to the fear as a result of the recent revelation. Seeing that Rock struggles against the singing Stagnant Soul, Ram plans to intervene again, but Rock stops her from attacking and wants to watch the Stagnant Soul to sing to the end, who then disappears as she fulfills her wishes from her previous life.[3] In the aftermath, Rock states that she wants to find her past self, and while Ram doesn't stop her from doing so, she cautions Rock that should Rock's quest in search for her previous life turns from hope to despair, Rock may end up as a Stagnant Soul.[4]

Much time has past, and one day Rock encounters a "Type D" Stagnant Soul, who offers her a glimpse of her past life via hypnosis. Rock agrees, but she falls into despair upon learning the truth and was trapped within her own consciousness. Just as the Stagnant Soul was about to lay their hands on her, Ram destroys them in time and rescues Rock. [5] However, seemingly satisfied with Rock's state in despair, Ram imprisons her in a chamber together with similar Black Stars before allowing her to break apart from within. Ram's plan does not come to fruition, as Rock overcomes her past with the aid of her partner Ron.[6]

Ram then allows Dead to fight Rock, who longs to consume her soul. Dead reveals to Rock that Ram is the one who encourages Dead to consume souls with strong will so she can one day fulfill her dream of resurrection. However, as Rock gains the upper hand, Ram cannot watch any longer, and tells Dead that she lied to her in the first place, driving Dead into despair and causes her transform into a Stagnant Soul.[7]

When Rock finally confronts Ram, the latter discloses her identity as Black Star No. 0000001, claiming that her wish is to destroy the Threshold.[8] Rock, however, believes that is not her true wish, and that Ram wants someone with a sense of ego who can also recognize her. She eventually enters Ram's inner thoughts and helps her gain the light that she yearns for as a firefly. By fulfilling the innermost wish, Ram joins the other fireflies and disappears among them.[1]



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