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RAILS Entryway

The RAILS "log-on" screen.

The Realtime Authorize Interactive Line Service (shortened "RAILS") was a large-scale mobile communication network, which allowed users to freely contact each other anywhere in the world.


The RAILS network was created sometime during the 21st century, its release year referred to as "20XX". Soon after its release, it became one of the world's leading social networks, and was considered a major breakthrough in global communication.[1]

After its release, "Rail friend" became the most searched term in the network, leading to a massive boom of its userbase. In the wake of this event, there were reports of mysterious incidents where entire groups of network users fell unconscious without any explanation, a phenomenon branded "flatline condition".[1]

Similar to the current-day Android operational system, RAILS was compatible with mobile applications ("apps"). One particular app was the "ARCANA", a tarot-themed service which tracked the popularity of the network's many downloadable apps and extensions. The accuracy of the app's data was questioned by some users, sparking several rumors.[1]